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In the traditional centralized games, all resources are in the hands of game developers. A developer can increase the amount of game resources he or she releases at will. As a result, developers are able to earn money using this advantage. Developing games for short-term benefits often leads to constant depreciation of game assets and eventually their dissolution.

Pup Skill is a full chain game. It is impossible to tamper with the production of materials, equipment or currency in the game. There's no way of cheating. The game's items are worth actual value in the real world.

This is the first metaverse game of PupDoge

Pup Skill is the first large-scale metaverse game on the BSC blockchain. It deals with other players, teams, fights monsters and makes real money.

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Pup Skill will build a trading market for gaming materials, equipment and NFT. It is possible for players to make money directly from the game by trading cryptocurrency on blockchain through smart contracts. In each transaction, the seller can directly obtain cryptocurrency of the selling price. The buyer can directly obtain the desired game assets, breaking through the bottleneck of the circulation of traditional gaming assets.

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All game resources on the chain are open and transparent. The deflationary mechanics in the game is designed to prevent inflation with the increase of players in the later stage, preventing the market from collapsing. The earlier you participate in the game, the higher chance of obtaining advanced equipment.

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Every in-game itransaction creates value in the BSC blockchain. Due to the capability of cryptocurrency, every item, weapons and even your character can be traded safely and swiftly. Profit from your decisions and enjoy the game while making money.

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Due to our obsession with the ability of blockchain networks storing digital assets (ie. NFTs) and cryptocurrency, that is why we have the idea of developing Pup Skill. This has brought so many possibilities for the game industry to make rapid progress. We are already looking for ways to let mainstream audiences understand more about blockchain through our game.

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